jeudi 1 septembre 2011

Bref commentaire à propos de Crépuscule sur Ghoul Report

Commentaire d'un spectateur, via son blogue Ghoul Report, sur Crépuscule.

Il s'agit d'un bilan de la dernière édition de FanTasia. La partie portant sur Crépuscule se situe aux trois-quarts de l'article.

Un extrait : «You see, this 20-minute effort is entirely done in stop motion animation, and not the crappy kind, the 24 frames per second kind! The result is a breathtaking, incredibly fluid and elaborate masterpiece complete with masterful tracking shots and an abundance of moving parts. Hell, even the grass is moving in some shots, along with the giants' arms, legs and heads. Shit, you'd have to be mad to undertake such a project, but Falardeau clearly is and so he succeeds at creating a very impressive, lasting work of art. While the audience didn't react accordingly, I impute that to shock, rather than lack of satisfaction.»

Bonne lecture!

Éric Falardeau, réalisateur

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